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To celebrate 808 fans on our Facebook page, we have a very special gift for you: The world's first limited edition 808 kick drum.

This kick drum sample from the TR-808 of Andreas Tilliander, aka TM404, is limited to 808 digital downloads and digitally signed by the artists.


Andreas Tilliander is not only a renowned electronic musician, but also a collector and user of vintage Roland gear. As TM404, he creates rich improvised music only from machines like 303s and 606s. He just released the TM404 debut album on Kontra-Musik. Check it out here – and be sure to watch this amazing video.


The Roland TR-808 is the classic drum machine from the 80's. It's been used in countless music productions and defined whole musical genres. Its kick drum and handclap are sonic perfection.

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Signed by the artists.

The limited edition sample is signed by the artists, using digital audio watermarking, a technique which makes it possible to encode text into the audio data of a sound file.

The watermarking was kindly provided by Alex Radzishevsky of You can use his free decoding software to check the signature. Here's how you do that

It's all yours.

If you were lucky enough to catch one of the 808 downloads, the kick drum is yours. Do with it whatever you want. Use it in your productions for extra conceptual flavour, print out the waveform and put it on your wall, stretch it to 808% to create a new drone genre, play it backwards to summon the spirit of Marvin Gaye, we don't care. You can even give it to all your friends, but then you're ruining the concept, right?

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... and it's all gone.

Sorry, you're late to the party. All 808 samples were downloaded within a day. If you want to be notified about similar projects in the future, join our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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Andreas Tilliander


Also known as TM404, Repeatle, Mokira, and by many other names, Andreas produces electronic music, preferably using analogue gear. He has released on Raster-Noton, Mille Plateaux, and Kontra-Musik, among others.

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Carl Schilde


Carl, co-founder of HEAVYLISTENING, is influenced by contemporary art as much as by mainstream popular culture, seeking for universal truth in both Roman Opalka and Jersey Shore.

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Anselm Venezian Nehls


As the other co-founder of HEAVYLISTENING, Anselm regularly loses himself in the more digital aspects of the projects. He can play both Bach and Monkey Island.

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HEAVYLISTENING was founded in 2011 by Carl Schilde & Anselm Venezian Nehls.
They create and curate award-winning sonic experiences.

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