Sonic Experiences

created / curated by
Carl Schilde & Anselm Venezian Nehls


02 2011


06 2011

HVL001 – TIEFDRUCKGEBIET by Schilde / Nehls, the mobile sub-bass concert for tuned cars, premieres in Berlin.

06 2011 TIEFDRUCKGEBIET wins First Art Prize of 48 hours Neukölln festival.

10 2011 HVL002 – #tweetscapes by Nehls / Barri, the first real-time sonification and visualisation of the German Twitter stream, is launched in cooperation with German National Radio.


01 2012 Full online version of #tweetscapes launches with an interactive Twitter concert at Berghain Club Berlin, featuring Jochen Arbeit of Einstürzende Neubauten and his band.

03 2012 First interactive #tweetscapes installation in full visual surround at ZKM Karlsruhe, as part of the grand exhibition Sound Art.

04 2012 Sneak preview of HVL003 – WOW by Schilde, the most minimal record ever made, at Stattbad Wedding, Berlin

“The sound art assault
finally begins.”
de:bug magazine

05 2012 #tweetscapes wins Award of Distinction in Digital Music & Sound Art category of Prix Ars Electronica 2012.

08 2012 Interactive #tweetscapes concert on Benoit Maubrey’s TEMPLE loudspeaker installation in front of ZKM Karlsruhe.

09 2012 All three current HEAVYLISTENING-Projects are featured at Ars Electronica Festival 2012.
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09 2012 TIEFDRUCKGEBIET 2 performed at LENTOS Art Museum Linz (AT).

09 2012 #tweetscapes part of CyberArts exhibition at OK Linz (AT) and audiovisual #tweetscapes performance at Brucknerhaus Linz.

11 2012 Official release of HVL003 – WOW.

11 2012 WOW launch celebrated with an interactive sub-bass installation in a church in Berlin.

11 2012 First online appearance of the mysterious Cats on Drones.

“The heirs of The KLF."
Texte zur Kunst


01 2013 MOM – The Mother of All Records, master plate of WOW, exhibited at CTM Festival exhibition in Berlin (DE), and first live performance of WOW.

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Meet the founders.



Carl was born and raised in West Berlin sometime in the early 80s.

The experience of living on an island surrounded by a wall, while being able to fly business class anywhere for free until the age of 21, uniquely shaped his view on reality. An immense study of MTV in his childhood left him well-versed in the language of pop.

Always an advocate of minimalist cool, he founded instrumental rock band The Pattern Theory. They toured Europe extensively and released an album on Valeot Records (distributed by Cargo/Darla), which enjoyed worldwide radio-play. Amongst many other projects, Carl was also a member of ex-Can singer Damo Suzuki’s live band.

Carl studied Pop Composition at Leeds College of Music and Sound Studies at the University of the Arts Berlin under Sam Auinger and Robert Henke.

By co-founding HEAVYLISTENING in 2011, his approach towards sound took a more conceptual turn. He is influenced by contemporary art as much as by mainstream popular culture, seeking for universal truth in both Roman Opalka and Jersey Shore.

Carl currently lives and works in Berlin.

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Anselm, born 1981 in Berlin, was raised with classical music and MS DOS – he learned to play Bach on piano and to program his computer at the same time.

After being trained as a sound engineer and studying Popular Music at Goldsmiths College / London, he worked as a music producer, composer, and performer – but soon didn't feel challenged anymore by the worn-out concepts of the music scene. Instead he started to pursue a successful career in advertising, developing marketing concepts for some of Europe's most important brands, while studying MA Sound Studies at UdK Berlin under Sam Auinger and Robert Henke.

This unique combination of influences led to Anselm's interests shifting towards the more conceptual side of working with sound. As a sonic artist, he is occupied with conveying complex ideas to a broad audience, combining advertising approaches with contemporary art practice.

He co-founded HEAVYLISTENING in 2011 to establish a homebase to these ideas.

Anselm currently lives and works in Berlin Kreuzberg.

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Meet the collaborators.

  • Tarik Barri


    Audiovisual composer and visual artist Tarik Barri collaborates with HEAVYLISTENING on the #tweetscapes project. In his spare time, he works on his own audiovisual universe Versum and creates live visuals for Monolake or Atoms for Peace.
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  • Timm Knoerr

    Graphic design

    As HEAVYLISTENING’s main design artist, Timm is the mastermind behind our logos, posters, and artworks.
    Timm is into minimalism so much, sometimes we're not even sure if he exists.
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  • Sebastian Schäfer

    Graphic design

    Sebastian works as a graphics and sound designer, and practically lives in the HEAVYLISTENING studio. He’s responsible for our projects looking all nice and shiny on the web.
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  • Oliver Kunzmann

    Web concept & development

    Oliver made the website you're looking at right now and loads of others that are just as brilliant. He can make yours, too. He's got a thing for achieving maximum impact with minimal means. Just like we do.
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  • Philippe Said

    Web development

    Philippe worked on the HEAVYLISTENING website with Oliver. Together they can create amazing things around the clock. That's because Philippe works from Australia and picks up when Oliver goes to sleep.
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HEAVYLISTENING was founded in 2011 by Carl Schilde & Anselm Venezian Nehls.
They create and curate award-winning sonic experiences.

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