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Friedrich Liechtenstein

July 2014 brings you BAD GASTEIN, the new record from Friedrich Liechtenstein, the world's toughest entertainer. Let the Kinky King take you on a trip to the Alps.

The prelude to BAD GASTEIN, the first single Belgique, Belgique is available on iTunes and heavylistening.com (upon album pre-order).

The second single Kommissar D'Amour will be released 27/06/2014 and will be available upon album pre-order via iTunes or heavylistening.com.

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Click here for more beautiful pictures of Friedrich Liechtenstein in Bad Gastein by Franziska Taffelt. Please contact her directly for licensing details.

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For booking and other requests not connected to BAD GASTEIN, please get in touch with Mr. Liechtenstein's management ARTIST NETWORK.


  • Artist
    Friedrich Liechtenstein
  • Produced by
  • Release
  • Pre-order
    Via heavylistening.com online store or iTunes (from 27/06/2014)
  • Format
    digital only, physical release TBA

WOW / HVL003

The most minimal record ever made.

WOW is a vinyl record created by Carl Schilde, containing only a single ultra-low frequency which will alter slightly depending on the mechanical components of the record player used. Use more than one system to play several records simultaneously to create complex sub-sonic wave-fields.

WOW has been shown as an interactive multi-channel installation numerous times, including Ars Electronica Festival 2012, and was performed as a concert at CTM Festival Berlin 2013. More installations and live shows will follow in 2013.

The WOW project also includes MOM – the Mother of All Records –, the master plate of WOW. This single piece can be acquired for €33.333.33.

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ZIP file including press information, sound examples and high quality pictures.

  • Artist
    Carl Schilde
  • Released
  • Formats
    12" Vinyl record – limited first edition of 333 copies
    Master record

#tweetscapes / HVL002

Germany’s first real-time Twitter sonification.

#tweetscapes converts all German Twitter messages into an ever-evolving piece of collectively performed music. And more than that: #tweetscapes lets you experience what’s happening on Twitter right now in a totally new way. Listen to the rhythms of the social web, hear trending topics emerge. Become part of the stream.

#tweetscapes is available 24/7 on heavylistening.com/tweetscapes, but has also been shown numerous times as an audiovisual surround installation, for example as part of the seminal Sound Art exhibition at ZKM Karlsruhe.

We also show #tweetscapes as a live performance, which premiered at Berghain Club Berlin in 01/2012.

#tweetscapes received a Prix Ars Electronica Award in 2012.

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The original sub-bass concert for tuned cars.

TIEFDRUCKGEBIET – "low pressure area" – is a mobile concert for twelve cars with massive sub-woofers. Each individual car only plays a single ultra-low tone, tuned to the dimensions of the street. Together, they form an orchestra and collectively create sub-sonic rhythms that are rather felt than heard.

TIEFDRUCKGEBIET premiered at 48h Neukölln Berlin 2011 and won the First Art Prize of the festival. Only five sub-woofers survived.

The second TIEFDRUCKGEBIET took place at Ars Electronica 2012 and was one of the festival’s highlights.

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