We are happy to announce that we’ll take part in this year’s CTM, Berlin’s yearly festival for adventurous music and arts. We are honored to join the ranks of Sunn o))), Matmos, Simian Mobile Disco, Robert Henke and many other great artist who will perform at the festival.

WOW live performance.

On Jan 25, we’ll perform a 4 record setup of WOW, the most minimal record ever made, as part of the CTM pre-glow night at Horst Krzbrg. It’s the first time we’ll actually play those ultra-low sine-tones ourselves instead of having the audience spin them for us. It’ll be a totally new experience, even if you’ve already been to one of our previous WOW installations.

Expect some massive sub-sonic wave fields to experience with your whole body. Feel free to move around during the performance to explore all the subtle facets of the bass.

Jan 25, 2013 – 23.00 – Horst Krzbrg / Berlin / DE
CTM.13 The Golden Age – Preglow
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The Mother of All Records on display.

MOM, the silver master plate of WOW, is exhibited at the official CTM exhibition “In That Weird Age” at Kunstraum Kreuzberg, which will run for an entire month. See you at the opening!

Jan 25 to Feb 24, 2013 – Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Berlin / DE
“In That Weird Age” – CTM exhibition

Jan 25, 2013 – 19.00
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We’re really excited to finally share our newest project with you. We’ve been working on this for over a year – and it was absolutely worth it.

Carl has created nothing less than the most minimal vinyl record ever made. Full stop.

It’s called WOW and it contains only a single sine tone: 33 1/3 Hz if you spin it on 33 1/3 rpm – or 45 Hz on 45 rpm. These tones are extremely low.

But there’s a lot more to it. If you play several WOW records at the same time, amazing things happen. That’s because WOW is the record that plays your record player, not the other way around.

Find out everything there is to know about WOW here →

WOW will be available from November 22, 2012 – but you can already pre-order your copies now. And you should, because WOW is available as a limited first edition of 333 copies and we’re starting by selling the lowest numbers first.



Meet TEMPLE, an installation by Benoit Maubrey, made of loudspeakers. It’s placed in front of ZKM Karlsruhe as part of the ongoing Sound Art exhibition, which we’re also part of.

Tonight at 21:00 and 23:00 it will be used to play #tweetscapes live. You can use some special #hashtags in your tweets to influence the concert, like #SoundArt or #ZKM. It will work from anywhere in Germany, you don’t have to be there. You can even send a tweet including #Stille (#silence) to make it shut up for a while.

But that wouldn’t be very nice during a concert, would it?