#tweetscapes at re:publica 12 – special edition.

We’ve added some special #hashtag sounds to #tweetscapes for re:publica 2012.

There are 8 Stages at the conference and each stage has their own hashtag – so we thought: Hey, an octave also has 8 notes, and our favourite sound chip has 8 bits… So, the special #rp12-sound is an 8 Bit note from an old 80s sound chip, and the stage-specific hashtags #rp12stage1, #rp12stage2 etc. can be used to play melodies on top of this #rp12-ostinato. Give it a go on #tweetscapes.

Also, even though we’re not in the program, we’re going to present #tweetscapes interactively at 18:15 today (02.05.2012) on the re:publica main stage (Hall 1). Come by and bring your mobile phone (haha).


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