#tweetscapes was originally commissioned as a pure sonification by German National Radio and was broadcast several times per week from 2011 to 2012. In January 2012, the web stream audiovisual version was additionally launched.

#tweetscapes came to life as a cooperation between HEAVYLISTENING, German National Radio, CITEC Bielefeld, and Sound Studies at University of the Arts Berlin. Here's the whole team involved in the making of the project.

Anselm Venezian Nehls


Anselm developed the concept for #tweetscapes and programmed the conversion of data into sound.

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Tarik Barri


Tarik joined the team in November 2011 and added the visual layer, turning #tweetscapes from a sonification into an audiovisual experience.

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Dr. Thomas Hermann

Scientist – University of Bielefeld
CITEC, Ambient Intelligence Group

Thomas is a specialist in the field of sonification and worked on the #tweetscapes concept, as well as the sound conversion.

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Florian Eitel

Developer – indeedgeek.de

Florian laid the foundation to #tweetscapes by developing a program that connects to the Twitter interface and turns all tweets into OSC data which Anselm and Tarik need to generate sound and video.

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Marcus Gammel

Deutschlandradio Kultur / German National Radio

Marcus initiated a series of sonifications on German National Radio of which #tweetscapes was the first. He also supported the project dramaturgically.

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Sam Auinger


Sam brought the project to life by picking #tweetscapes from several sonification ideas developed for the series, and supported the project artistically.

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Timm Knoerr

Design Artist

Timm developed the #tweetscapes logo as well as the overall project design – as he does with every HEAVYLISTENING project.

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Thanks, everyone.

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